Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Easter Tree!!!!

Hi Everyone!! It has been awhile since my last post. I have had a lot going on. I was sick for a few weeks with a bad cold. I'm so glad I'm over that!!! Then two weeks ago my husband and I were in a car accident. We were stopped to let the car in front of us turn and a car came up behind us and rear ended us very hard. Thank goodness we were in our big van because it would have been a lot worst if we were in our car. Unfortunately I had bad back and neck pain. I couldn't sit for long to paint. This week I'm feeling a lot better. All is back to normal!!! Well that is enough about my problems. I did manage to get two Easter trees done last week. I painted small teak wood bowls that I had purchased at a flea market last year. The 18 inch feather trees fit in them perfectly. I have it posted on Ebay. Well I hope this will be a drama free week for me. My sister is coming from NJ next week to visit me for two weeks. That will be a lot of fun. I told her I would put her to work painting!! She is an artist also. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great week. Denise

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Primitive Spring Bunny Tree!!!!

I finished another bunny tree today. I painted part of a new design by Terrye French. I just listed it on Ebay. I think I will be working on more signs tomorrow. I'm going to try to move at a faster pace before Easter is here. Easter is on April 8th this year. That is also my middle sons birthday. So we will be having a double celebration!!! Well I hope you all have a great rest of the week. Denise

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Bunny Tree!!!

Hi Everyone!!! I can't believe its going to be Valentine's Day already!!! I have been away from my painting table for awhile. We had some family visits and last week my daughters mother in law died suddenly. So we have had a lot of things going on. In the middle of it all I came down with a cold. I really didn't need that. So I finally was able to get something done. I made this bunny tree for the spring. I had a lot of fun making the cute salt dough ornaments for the tree. I cut out carrots, bunnies, and cute little baby chicks. I painted and sealed them. The design I painted on the front of the box is a Terrye French design. The tree stands 27 1/2 inches tall. Well I'm going to try to get a lot of painting done in the next few weeks. My sister is coming from NJ for a two week visit in March. She is an artist also so I told her I might be putting her to work while she is here!!!! I have the bunny tree listed on Ebay. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Denise