Friday, May 4, 2012

Small Americana Saltbox Feather Tree

Happy Friday Everyone!!! I'm off to an early start today. I have a lot to do. I worked on two trees yesterday. I would like to work on some other items but my customers want trees so trees they will get. I have them listed on ebay. Besides the trees I'm also working on my daughters baby shower. I'm working on the centerpieces and some of the decorations. I also have to get the invitations addressed this weekend so they can go out on Monday. I'll post pictures after the event so my daughter doesn't see. She wants some surprises!!! So while the paint is drying on a project I swing over to the baby shower section and work on that. I have to say its been a lot of fun!!
Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Don't work to hard and have some fun!!! Denise:)


  1. Hi Denise-I love your tree, but what really caught my eye was that patriotic chicken! Do you sell them or can you tell me where I could grab the pattern? Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Wendy, I bought him on ebay from countryatheartprims.

  3. I Love all your beautiful Things...♥