Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whimsical Fall Parade Tree!!!

Hi Everyone!! Hope you all are staying cool. It got really hot here in Southern California this week. So I don't stick my nose out the door unless I have to!! I worked on some Halloween this week. I finished this tree yesterday. I wanted to paint this design last year but never got a chance, so I made sure I got to it first thing this year. It's a Terrye French design called "Whimsical Fall Parade". This tree is packed with lots of Halloween goodies. It stands 29 inches tall. I have it listed on Ebay. Also don't forget to stop by Painting with friends blog and check all the new designs for Christmas in July.

Hope you all have a great day and stay cool!!!!! Denise


  1. I've been waiting to see what you've cooked up for this Fall, and LOVE it! You're so talented!

  2. So beautiful. I would love to have half the talent you do! Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  3. I would like to purchase some of your firework sets from eBay but I can't find you or the listing. How are they listed?
    Kristi :)

  4. Hi Kristi, I don't have any more fire cracker sets on Ebay but I do have one more set left on Etsy. You can just click it on at the top right of my blog at my Esty shop. Also if you want to find me on Ebay I have a link to my Ebay listings right under my Etsy shop. Thanks so much for asking. Denise