Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Autumn Kitchen Tree!!!!

Well It's been a busy week. Trying to catch up on orders and getting everyone their trees in the mail. I worked on something different today. I made an Autumn kitchen tree. All year I look for different containers to put my trees in. I go to the flea markets, antique shops, and ebay to find things. People ask me what are you going to do with that when I buy it from them. When I say I'm going to put a tree in it they look at me funny until I explain it to them. The container I used today is an Androck flour sifter. I loved the flowers on the front because of the Autumn colors. I always leave the containers I use in their original condition. This sifter also has a wooden handle with the paint worm off which gives it more character. I have it listed on Ebay. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


  1. While I'm partial to the Halloweenie trees....i really like this one too!! :) Just love all of the fall colors and it looks great with that sifter!!!

  2. Just love it Denise! Your tree's are awesome!

  3. Seeing so much orange recently has made me realize I love the color. This tree with it's bright orange is beautiful. I'd never think to use a flour sifter for a container to hold a tree.

  4. Wow, Denise, how do you keep making these gorgeous trees and come up with different ideas and items to make?
    You have an endless well of talented ideas.
    Warm Regards,